The Caliburn brand has just become a whole lot more powerful with the introduction of Caliburn FUSION.
Caliburn FUSION is the new corporate version of the software which has been designed specifically for power user's. This version provides seamless integration of the latest technologies, aimed at bringing your business together.
Caliburn FUSION boasts amazing new features to take your business to new heights, such as:
  • Unparalleled speed increases with the inclusion of an entirely 'open' database, enabling fast 'SQL' access to important data (even without Caliburn running in some cases!).
  • The Mulled option has a major boost in functionality, including 3D overlay capabilities.
  • Astounding improvements have also been made to the Georgian & Leaded module, which has been completely redesigned, allowing for line through, and a whole lot more...
Caliburn FUSION grab on a flatscreen monitor
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